Canister vs Upright Vacuums - Which is Right For You?

By Admin 02 Aug ,2023
Upright vs. Canister

Before you really get into the nitty gritty differences of each model, you need to determine your vacuum needs. For homes with wall-to-wall carpet, an upright model is the best choice. On the other hand, homes with mostly bare floors are best paired with a canister vacuum. 

Traditionally, upright models were the most common type of vacuum cleaner. But canister vacuums are becoming more popular. So, you may be thinking: “Which type of vacuum should I buy? A canister vac or a traditional upright vacuum cleaner?”

Let's Tackle Uprights First.

A traditional upright vacuum has a motorized brush head, dust container, handle, and flexible plastic hose attachments in one unit. Depending on the design, upright models can come with a range of cleaning tools. These can include a crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, and dusting brush tool.

To operate an upright vacuum, you push the unit in front of you. To get to hard-to-reach places under furniture or up high, you can use the flexible hose that most upright vacuum models have.

Next, Canisters.

A canister vacuum typically consists of the canister body that contains the motor, filters, dust bag, and, on some models, storage for extra cleaning tools. A flexible plastic hose and metal or plastic telescopic wand attach to the body. The vacuum head attaches to the wand.

To use a canister vacuum, you only have to operate the lightweight wand and pull the canister behind you. This design can make it easier to clean stairs, upholstery, hard-to-reach places, and all types of floor surfaces, including hard floors.

How to Choose

Buying an upright vacuum is generally best if you mostly have carpeted floors, especially deep-pile carpets and rugs. The electric brush roller works best for removing deep dirt and debris from carpet fibers.

For homes without carpets, a canister usually has the best advantages. The floor tool usually makes it easy to switch from hard floors to carpet areas without losing suction power.