What To Think Of When Buying a Commercial Vacuum

By Admin 28 Aug ,2023

It may seem fairly simple at first: just grab anything that will pick up that thing on the floor. If only it were that easy, especially for anyone who cleans floors on a daily basis. The reality is that, in order to vacuum efficiently, you need to know what options are available that can help keep your facilities clean. There are also some features to look for & in your search for a commercial vacuum cleaner. In this blog post, we will consider several different factors to help you purchase the right commercial vacuum cleaner.

Consider the different types of commercial vacuum cleaners used in most cleaning situations:

  • Upright vacuum cleaners: by far the most commonly purchased machines.
  • Backpack vacuum cleaners: worn over the shoulders.
  • Wide-area vacuum cleaners: maintains large carpeted areas.
  • Canister vacuum cleaners: commonly used in Europe.
  • Battery vacuums cleaners: cordless vacuums that are battery powered.
  • Tank vacuums: used to recover a variety of wet or dry materials that require high suction.

Choose an ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner that, among other things, is lightweight, has easy-access controls, and has a lightweight handle that conforms to the user’s hands.

Height adjustment

Different carpets have different piles and heights. Upright vacuum cleaners with manually adjustable height are the best choice to tackle the variety of carpets encountered in commercial settings.

Injection molded bumpers

A protective, soft-rubber bumper surrounding the base of an upright vacuum cleaner guards against damage to walls and furniture.

True-HEPA air filtration

Choose vacuum cleaners with a true HEPA [high-efficiency particulate air] filtration system. This means the machine is properly sealed, with the ability to trap 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns in size, preventing them from becoming airborne.

Built-in wand and stretch hose

When vacuuming, there are often a variety of surfaces and areas to be cleaned. Upright vacuum cleaners that can ‘multitask’ facilitate cleaning. Choose upright vacuum cleaners with built-in, extra-strong hose wands for quick detail vacuuming.


Select a machine that has been tested and proved to be powerful and effective. The Carpet and Rug Institutes’ (CRI) Seal of Approval program evaluates vacuum cleaners on performance, air filtration, and carpet appearance. Look for machines that have both the CRI Label.


Some commercial vacuum cleaners make the user more comfortable during operation. If you are constantly hunched over or can’t reach certain areas, consider what a back-pack vacuum has to offer.With a back-back vacuum, the weight of the vacuum is carried on the shoulders and the unit sits high on the operator to make it easier to reach high areas.

Battery Powered

The tried and true corded vacuum may be the perfect fit for one person, but the new wave of cordless vacuums is already changing the market. Do you need to ditch the plug and roam free with no cords?

Machines that fit the job requirements

Evaluate the application and job requirements before investing in any vacuum cleaner, and select the machine that best fits your needs. For instance, larger or are effective in cleaning carpets in hotel corridors and large meeting rooms, but an upright battery vacuum may be better for compact or heavily trafficked areas There’s an abundance of vacuums on the market today, but not one unit matters unless it serves a need. This is why the user’s needs are so important. Choosing the right commercial vacuum cleaner can be made so much easier by considering these features and applications. If you can find the right vacuum for your daily needs, cleaning will become more productive and enjoyable. Fortunately, Tornado makes the choice easy with our comprehensive lineup of vacuums! Check out Tornado’s vast offering of uprights wet/drys, and jumbo vacuums today!