About Vacumart

Headquartered in Burlington, Washington, Vacumart, Inc is your global source for innovative ‘home & small business’ cleaning supply needs, for equipment, chemicals, parts etc,alongwith exceptional service and support. We are a division of Txley Corporation and are proud to be trusted worldwide for our reputation and partnerships. With the outburst of online businesses offering products shipped free to your home (which is a great thing), we feel the level of quality and reliability is slowly withering away with no-contact customer service. We are getting dependent on mediocrity as long asproducts somewhat seem to do the job. There are no stories to tell, no laughter and no sales crew to guide a customer towards making an educated decision. We would like to change that along with a presence in your neighborhood. As we expand our outreach, we hope to be a part of your community in a contributing way and offer locally sourced (as much as we can) products and processes to enhance a healthy environment.


Re-Invent how people adapt to cleanliness, tell stories and inspire to exist in a healthy environment.

To Our Customers

We want to Guide, Provide and Deliver the highest quality of cleanliness maintenance products for your home and workplace offering you the best and latest innovative technology solutions available in the market today.

To Our Employees

We want to assure them competitive jobs, long-termlivelihood and a high level of self-direction.

Towards Our Community and the World

We want to be convincing as a responsible company that embraces sustainability by setting a good example by maintaining high environmental, ethical and safety standards. It’s better when the world is a cleaner and healthier place.


At Vacumart, we strive to improve ways to clean, promote health, safety, well-being impacting every community with a cleaner environment.

To Our Partners

We would like to create economic opportunity for you along with your community to carry sustainable products and get continued education from Manufacturer’s by participating in shows, seminars and classes

To Our Customers

There are loads of information on the internet. We don’t know what is true and what really works. We envision – touch, try and feel before you buy. Visit your local Vacumart store. We also believe that buying Vacuums and Cleaning accessories should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and feeling clean. We also believe that everyone has the right to enjoying a clean environment.

To Our Community

Let’s breathe better, Let’s feel better.