5 Tips to Extend Your Carpets Life

By Admin 12 Jul ,2023

Carpet cleaning might seem simple but there’s more to it than vacuuming when you see dirt and debris. Going about carpet cleaning the right way will improve the cleanliness and extend the life of your carpets. Here are five ways we can extend the life of our carpets — using the right tools, vacuuming regularly, spot cleaning stains, protecting high-traffic areas, and deep carpet cleaning.

Choose your vacuum wisely

While regular vacuuming is great for carpet cleaning, the vacuum you use can make a big difference.
Commercial cleaning companies often use backpack vacuums. These cleaners rely on powerful suction versus the beater bar found in traditional uprights. A beater bar is another name for the rotating brush that agitates carpet. This bar spins rapidly to help loosen dirt from carpet fibers, but the agitation can damage carpets.

For carpet cleaning, backpack vacuums are preferred over uprights for two reasons. The high level of suction captures and contains dust particles while lifting the pill of your carpet. And the absence of a beater bar means less wear and tear on your carpet’s fibers.

The powerful suction and HEPA filters of backpack vacuums make a huge difference in indoor air quality (IAQ) — especially when you vacuum regularly.

Establish a cleaning routine

It’s harder to get clean carpets when you’re trying to remove weeks' or months’ worth of dirt. A cleaning schedule with regular vacuuming and routine carpet care reduces the accumulation of dirt.

According to;The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), “proper and consistent vacuuming is the single most effective means of keeping carpet clean. By following a routine vacuuming schedule, 90 to 95 percent of all dry soil can be removed effectively.

Spot clean carpet spills immediately

Keep an eye out for spots, spills, or stains and take care of them quickly. The sooner you address a potential stain, the less likely it will be permanent.

Using a CRI-certified cleaning solution, you will have a greater chance of removing the stain without harming your carpet. For a list of approved stain removers.

Use mats in high-traffic areas

Your carpets can collect dirt in entryways. Using a mat is a must — and the bigger, the better. An average-sized person should be able to take two, ideally, three, steps with each foot to adequately wipe soil from their feet before walking on the installed carpet. Mats or area rugs are perfect for maintaining a clean carpet.

Look for a high-quality mat or rug that stays in place while protecting the flooring underneath. A nylon mat backed with vinyl is highly resilient and best absorbs moisture.

Deep clean carpets

Regular vacuuming with the right tools is a great way to extend carpet life. But it’s also important to deep clean carpets periodically. Deep cleaning removes soil and debris regular vacuuming can’t get.